Work Departments

Cutting and Bevelling department

Since 2017, the sheets preparation (cutting and bevelling) process, as a pre-construction task, has been taken over by Eiffage Metal as part of a vertical integration process, improving its control and efficiency.

Para la realización de este, se disponen de:

  •   2 cutting machines (with plasma and oxy-fuel)

  •   2 bevelling machines

Metal Parts Construction department

Once the sheets have been cut and bevelled, these are then subjected to the section bending and welding process.

Bending machines:

    • 6 machines
    • o Capacity to manufacture between 3 mm. and 130 mm. pipe thicknesses.
    • 3000 mm. maximum width per ferrule.

Welding machines

    • 12 submerged arc machines equipped with three filler wires via Tandem – Twin system.

Surface Treatment department

Once the boilermaking works are finished, it is the turn of the metallisation (whenever necessary), shot blasting and painting process.

Having 3 shot blasting cabins:

    • Capacity of 40 metres in length.
    • Max height: 6 m.
    • Max width: 6 m.
    • 90% recovery automated abrasive collection system.

4 paint booths:

    • Capacity of 40 metres in length
    • Max height: 6 m.
    • Max width: 6 m.

Other processes:

    • 6 cabins for 40-metre-long and 6-metre-wide metallisation process..
    • 1 booth for baking of signposting, signage and street furniture section parts.

Central Services

At Madrigueras, thanks to our modern facilities, recently refurbished which, with a young and dynamic team of over 25 professionals from diverse fields (management, engineering, quality, prevention, administration and human resources) provide services to our clients, suppliers and to the more than 400 workers of the company.